Sexy in Stilettos - Nana Malone

Sexy in Stilettos

By Nana Malone

  • Release Date: 2012-04-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 669 Ratings


You can call me a playboy billionaire if you want. After all, I love fast cars and faster women.

I’m only home to dig my wayward step-brother out of another mess. I have zero plans on staying. Until I meet little miss uptight, list-maker who’s never had any fun

She needs a date to her ex-fiancé’s her sister...and I’m just the kind of fake date she needs.

I know just how to make her loosen up and forget all her rules. 

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  • Nope

    By straighttalker198
    This was good until she took him back. Her reasons for ending the relationship were concrete. The proposal in front of everyone to get back the girl was unrealistic and trashy. The guy didn’t change in the six months after they broke up. The dad didn’t change at all, didn’t love his daughter at all! The dad totally favored his other daughter and his nasty son in law! The characters weren’t that dynamic, lacking passion!
  • Sexy in stilettos

    By Mag68
    By nana Malone Amazing story! Perfect amount of emotional and funny! Bookbub
  • Sexy in Stilettos

    By sbsbrinson
    Great book! Loved the characters! Can’t wait to read the next!
  • Graphic

    By Angel4jc
    I had to skip chapters to skip the graphic sex. It would have been a great book if the graphic details were left out. Beware!
  • Sexy in stilettos

    By book worm 101
    The names of the characters have been changed but sex scenes are the same as her other books. If you have read one you have read them all
  • Great read!!!

    By ExoricD
    This was an amazing story! It was very realistic, I could see this happening in real life. The characters were well developed & I was eager to see what would happen next. The sex scenes were tasteful & erotic without being raunchy. Read it in one day!
  • Loved it

    By Bluedoggy72
    Strong, well thought out characters and a good story line.
  • Alec and Jaya. We want more.

    By I love books ME
    The age old tale, told to perfection. Love, misunderstanding, and crazy family. Can't wait to read the next one.
  • She's Ms. Organized. He's Mr. Chaotic.

    By LisaClover
    But together they balance well together. I eek'd like the girl I am. I ❤️ it. Her stubbornness and list-oriented life. His life of ease and no commitment. Until Jaya gets fired from her own families company, both her and Alec adventure to love starts. Who would imagine bumping into a stranger would be the person you were destined to love? So Alec is Mr Fix-It called by his stepmom to find his brother and fix a situation in her multimillion company, the last thing he wants is a woman to complicate his life, let alone fall in love with her. Jaya is heartbroken over the betrayal of her family's lack of loyalty and for black balling her on getting another job. Meeting Alec Danthers and falling in love with the Casanova was the last thing on her list; she knows her lists she has many of them. Less than two weeks is all it takes for these two to make the other a better person, to love and to realize that commitment can be scary but it is worth it. So squealing like a young girl at a One Direction concert once I finished reading this story- I absolutely love it.
  • Good Book

    By Grey princess
    I liked the story line. The story kept you engaged and gave you answers to what happened to characters that went with certain story lines. If you like romance then this would be a good book to read.